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Creating memorable music experiences and city tours, Ptich is a cross between public outdoor lectures and scholarly cultural tourism organized by the Urbana Vrana Institute. It is run by community-conscious locals and based on scholarly research and everyday-life experience.

While appreciating Slovenia’s Roman, Medieval, Austro-Hungarian and Socialist history, our tours focus also on contemporary social and cultural characteristics of Slovenia, including its various music genres, subcultures, urban lifestyles, feminism, graffiti, street art, urban gardening, culinary traditions, Slovenian wines, craft beers etc.

Ptich strives to play an important part in the local life, studying the social aspects of local communities through in-depth research and promoting their creativity through boutique city walks, bicycle tours and music trips.  In short, we do unique educational outdoor public lectures at which we publicly present the results of Urbana Vrana Institute’s current research, but do not conduct what is considered common guided tourist tours.


Coming from the authentic local humanist and cultural scene, our guides combine history and art knowledge, on the one hand, and contemporary sociology and cultural studies, on the other hand, in order to give you the most amazing stories and interpretations both of the ancient and of the contemporary Slovenia.

Gregor Bulc

guide, manager, founder

Jasmina Jerant

guide, feminist vagabond

Nika Gradišek

guide, poet, journalist