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GraFEM is a program for promotion of women’s graffiti and street art culture. “Gra” as in graffiti + “fem” as in femina = GraFEM, right? GraFEM fosters empowerment and education of female graffiti writers and street artists, as well as promotion of, and reflection on, women’s graffiti and street art creativity.

GraFEM is produced through a joint effort of RogLab and Urbana Vrana Institute. In collaboration, we host female graffiti writers and street artists, organise live events, workshops and guided tours, plus write a GraFEM blog in Slovenian and English. You can read more about the GraFEM program and the ideas it’s based on here.



Urbana Vrana has set up the GraFEM Blog to encourage writing on women’s graffiti and street art. Edited by graffiti researcher Gregor Bulc the blog publishes interviews with graffiti writers, street artists and muralists, thematic photo reports, reviews of women’s graffiti exhibitions, books and films, as well as essays and commentaries by experts. Read more here!



The first guest artist of the GraFEM program was Nez Pez, Slovenian graffiti and visual artist based in Berlin. Although she is currently fascinated by sound and space installations, abstract drawing, zines and graphics, part of her work are also graffiti and murals, for which she mostly draws inspiration from the urban environment. As part of GraFEM 2020, she spray painted the RogLab container space along the Ljubljanica river, guided a biographical graffiti tour of Ljubljana and mentored a graffiti workshop for women. Read more here!



GRAfem is a co-production of Urbana Vrana Institute and RogLab.

Photo: Branko Čeak