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This tour will show you all the important Ljubljana attractions from an ecological perspective. It will introduce places that pulsate with interdisciplinary approach to sustainability, combining urban planning, geography, arts, science and local initiatives. It’s no wonder Ljubljana won the Green Capital of Europe award a couple of years ago! Its municipal authorities, as well as various eco-conscious NGOs and small businesses work ceaselessly on implementing community-based solutions to current environmental problems. There’s tons of green spaces, jogging and bicycle routes in Ljubljana, plus farmers markets, public fountains with drinkable water, old traditions of urban gardening and urban beekeeping, as well as innovative artistic initiatives striving to connect neighbourhood communities in shared public programmes and spaces. And you will see it all! In addition, you will also hear some eco-criticism and reflections on tackling climate change in Slovenia. The tour was created in collaboration with Focus, association for sustainable development, and Sabina Čarman, a zero-waste entrepreneur and blogger.


  • Tivoli park
  • urban gardening, mushrooming and beekeeping
  • Trnovo neighbourhood
  • Republic Square
  • community-based projects and farmers markets
  • Ljubljanica river
  • ecological art
  • Šiška neighbourhood